Thread Residencies

Thread Residencies will be initiated in 2019, in the home communities of the artists I have curated for this first year. Supported by Musagetes, the residencies are a one-year engagement to support work that gestures towards two or more of the following:

  • Elaborating and expanding upon resident artist’s current relational practices/work; cultivation of a process/project the resident artist wants to experiment with
  • Cultivating enlivened and embodied art and/or life and/or community practices
  • Cultivating accountable collaborations – rigorous, ethical, respectful engagement with different ways of being, knowing, relationships, trauma, place, space, time, movement, rhythm
  • Interrupting and moving away from harmful colonial habits of being and colonial entitlements
  • Holding space for difficult conversations
  • Holding space for maintaining generative relationships in times of crisis/conflict
  • Holding space for complexity and multiple perspectives and layers around shared challenges

Commitments for each of the artist include hosting a self-determined event within their local community, as well as participating as a guest artist at the 2020 Arts Everywhere Festival in Guelph, Canada.